Delivery Times and Costs

If you have any questions on delivery times and costs when ordering things from Water Sprite, this is the place to start.

Delivery Times

We use Print-on-Demand and drop-ship providers in locations all around the world. This gets you the best range of products, at the best possible prices we can get access to. We try, where possible, to print and ship to you from the nearest production facility. Since delivery times depend on where you are, and the location of the nearest production facility, we cannot give a firm indication of how long your package will take to get to you.

As an indication, however, our suppliers expect to have your order shipped within 4 working days of your order being placed. Most orders will be delivered to you within three weeks of your payment, but we do not guarantee this. Due to the variations in locations and freight shipping times around the world, your product may take up to 5 weeks to be delivered.

The l orders I have placed for delivery to my address in Canberra have been:

  • one set of scenic mugs. These delivered in Canberra 8 calendar days after order. This order shipped from New Zealand as Australian production facilities were unable to fulfil the order at the time.
  • another set of scenic mugs, from a different supplier. Delivery in Canberra occurred 6 days after the order, from an Australian production facility.
  • one prototype phone cover from a German factory. It shipped from the factory within 3 days of the order, but took 3 weeks to arrive in Australia.
  • An order for several t-shirts and hoodies from a Hong Kong supplier. It shipped from the factory within 4 days, and arrived in Canberra 12 days after order.

These times are dependent on the production times at the relevant factories and the freight times en route. They will be different for your order.

Please contact us if you do not receive your order within five weeks. That is unusual, and we will contact the supplier to see if there has been a problem. Similarly, if we become aware that there has been a delay in your order, we will contact you.

Delivery Costs

The price you pay on ordering is the price for delivery to the address you specified on checkout. It does not include any additional taxes or charges in your country for the importation of our products. Also, please note that we WILL NOT falsely declare values or package contents to assist you evading these charges. Please make your own enquiries about any such charges that may apply. See our Terms and Conditions of Sale for details. We welcome your feedback on any taxes or charges you have to pay for importing our products into your country. We will include that feedback on your website for future purchasers.

Products will not be produced until full production and delivery costs have been paid. We are a small business and we believe in paying our creators as well as we can for the use of their artwork. Our profit margins are minimal and we cannot wear the costs for changes of mind.

Note: Freight charges are set on a zero-net-profit basis. We charge you our best estimate of what it will cost us for freight. We calculate the charge based on advice from the relevant supplier, and are normally extremely accurate. In the unlikely event that we do, over a calendar year, show a nett profit on freight charges compared to freight costs, we undertake to donate that amount to a charity of our choice and undertake to correct the calculations.