Incorrect Address on Order

If you specify an incorrect address in your order, please contact us urgently. Our suppliers operate highly automated factories and we have only a very limited opportunity to update an incorrect address. Time is critical. An incorrect address on order needs to be corrected within hours for the best chance to avoid additional charges to you for a change of address.

If we can contact our supplier before your item is scheduled for production, we may be able to arrange for it to be reallocated to a more appropriate production facility. Once your item is scheduled for production, we still have an opportunity to update your address before it ships, but at that stage production is locked in to the production facility and cannot be changed.

Please take care to ensure you specify the correct delivery address on placing your order. We do not enjoy having to charge you additional money to correct innocent mistakes, but we do need to cover our costs. It is our policy to not make a profit on freight charges, and we keep our profit margins low to make our products affordable to as many people as possible. For these reasons, we have no choice but to charge additional costs on to you.

We do not charge a surcharge or administrative charge for address corrections. We will make our best efforts, there is no guarantee that we will be able to correct your mistake. In the unlikely event we catch the error early and can offer a partial refund in delivery charges, we will.

Note: The examples on this page are theoretical only and are given to aid understanding. We use multiple suppliers and production and pricing strategies may vary for different product ranges or geographical regions.

Why additional charges may apply

Freight charges are calculated based on the address you supply at checkout. If additional charges are required, we will require additional payment before we update that address. Any delay in payment of that amount may result in the item shipping with the incorrect address. If additional payment is required, we will ask the provider to delay shipment if possible. We cannot guarantee they will do so.

Some of our suppliers have multiple production facilities around the world. The freight charges you are quoted reflect the ability to produce items locally to the address you specify. Additional charges for delivery to a changed address may greatly exceed the charge that would have applied if you had specified the correct address in your order.

For example, if our supplier has production facilities in both Australia and the United States, and you specify an address in Australia on order, the supplier will allocate your order for production in Australia. If you subsequently change your delivery address to the United States, the additional charge to send your order from Australia to the United States will be much higher than if you had specified the United States in your original order.

You will not receive a refund of any amount after production of your order has commenced, even if you cancel your order. Please see our Refunds and Returns policy.

Additional charges may apply even if the item is sold with “Free Delivery”.

The price of a “Free Delivery” product is calculated to include an allowance for the costs of delivery. The calculation assumes the product is produced at the most economical production facility for the delivery address. If, as a result of the change of address, the cost of delivery exceeds the allowance for delivery, we have to charge you that difference.

For example, a supplier has production facilities in Australia, the United States and China. Our “Free Delivery” price for the products they produce is based on orders for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific being produced in Australia; orders for North and South America being produced in the United States; and orders for the rest of the world being produced in China. This results in an overall lower “Free Delivery” allowance for everyone. The delivery allowance takes into account the lower cost to deliver from China to the rest of the world instead of charging to deliver those items from Australia or the United States.

If your initial order specifies a delivery address in Australia, the production will be allocated to the Australian factory. You then change your delivery address to an address in Germany. As production has already started, we cannot cancel the order or reallocate it to the Chinese factory. The additional cost to deliver from Australia to Germany will far exceed the freight allowance in the “Free Delivery” price. Additional charges will have to apply.

On the other hand, if your new address was instead in New Zealand, while that would cost more than delivery to Australia it would still be within the freight allowance, and no additional charges would apply.

If “Free Delivery” prices are different

We reserve the right to sell products at different “Free Delivery” prices depending on the region of delivery. For example, the “Free Delivery” price listed for a sale to North America may be lower than the equivalent “Free Delivery” price elsewhere in the world. This may be for a number of reasons, including as discussed above. If the “Free Delivery” price for the new address would have been lower than the price you were charged, and we are able to amend the order before it enters production, we will refund the difference in price. If we cannot amend the order before it enters production, however, you will be charged any additional amount above the delivery allowance as is required to deliver to your new address.

Supplier discretion to produce at different locations

Our suppliers generally will schedule production at the nearest production facility. However, for a variety of reasons, they may choose not to for a particular order. Our agreement with them requires that you be charged as through delivery was occuring from the nearest facility. Our suppliers incur and manage those additional costs.

Change of address after shipment

We regret that if the item has shipped it is completely out of our control and we cannot recall or redirect items at that stage. We will provide you with any freight details or tracking numbers we have been provided by the supplier. You may be able to make arrangements with the shipping company to redirect your delivery. We cannot facilitate this beyond making our best endeavours to provide you with contact information for the shipping company. Any charges that apply in redirecting your delivery are your responsibility. See our Terms and Conditions of Sale on this point.