Below are links to our shop policies. Please read and understand them before proceeding with a purchase from the shop. We are a small business that aims to support our Creators, and we expect you to too. So, our policies are there to ensure that both you and we know what to expect and what we will and won’t do.

In particular, you do need to understand that we produce products on demand in response to your order, and we keep our profit margins as low as possible to ensure you get a product for a good price and our Creators get a reasonable return in the process. If we were to offer refunds or returns for any reason other than a manufacturing defect, we would have to significantly increase our prices to cover the additional costs of products where people decide they don’t want them. International e-commerce figures show that businesses that offer no-question refunds or returns have to accept up to 50% of all sales being returned. If we were to offer that, we would have to vastly increase our prices, and that is also a massive waste of resources in shipping unwanted items and storing or destroying them on return.

We won’t do it.

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