Water Sprite Photography

Hello! I’m Conrad, and I am the owner and operator of the Water Sprite family of websites. I am the photographer behind the camera for these photos from Water Sprite Photography.

You can read about my travels and the other random stuff I write about on my blogs at https://watersprite.online/. There are more photographs from my travels there, as well. I share some of the stories about how the images here came about, or about the subject of the image. Please read my blogs to get those stories, and to see other photos from my travels.

As a photographer I work on other photography projects as well, and information about what I am up to can be found on my business website at https://watersprite.com.au/.

I do not get any special privileges from being the owner of this site – I pay myself the same amount I would pay in licencing fees to any other creator on this site. All other money earnt by the site goes to paying for its upkeep and advertising.

I am a Standard Creator, and I pay myself according to the Tier system. See Creator Payments for an explanation of Creator types and Tiers.

My blog posts

  • Welcome to Water Sprite on the Water Sprite Shop
    Hello, and welcome to the new look Water Sprite Shop. On these blog pages I can share some thoughts on new or upcoming product releases and other things specific to Water Sprite. The more generic matters for the shop as a whole will not appear here.

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