Customisable Cards – 10 pack, no envelopes – Sunstar in a Shady Valley


A customisable pack of 10 A5 message cards printed on 350gsm semi-gloss white card. Features Water Sprite image “Sunstar in a Shady Valley” (TASC23.02).

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A pack of 10 beautiful message cards on white card, ready to be customised to suit your needs. Printed on 350gsm semi-gloss white card, and folded to A5 size. Does not come with envelopes.

The front cover features Water Sprite image “Sunstar in a Shady Valley” (TASC23.02). You can insert text fo your choosing, or leave it with just the image.

Inside, both sides contain instruction text ready for you to delete and begin your customisation. Please remember to delete this text – we don’t want that spoiling your design!

The back cover is mostly blank, with some Water Sprite information and branding on the lower edge. You cannot remove the Water Sprite branding and information text, but the back cover is otherwise available for you to add text to if you wish.


Within 20 minutes of completing your order (including payment) in our shop, you will be sent an email with a link to follow that will allow you to customise your order in a fully what-you-see-is-what-you-get visual editing platform. This platform has a wide range of fonts and font colours to select from. You can add text anywhere on the card (including on the front and back cover).

Once you click on the “Complete Personalisation” button, we CANNOT offer a refund.

That button sends your order directly to our fulfillment partner to print your cards. If you decide you do not want to proceed with your order, close the browser tab without clicking the button, and contact us for a refund. If you do this, we would appreciate knowing why you didn’t proceed with your order so we can improve this service for you.

The is a personalised print-on-demand product. As such, any rules in your country guaranteeing you a refund or right of return DO NOT apply to this product. We are happy to offer a refund provided you do not complete the personalisation step.

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